Front Desk/Office Assistant

This position will bring a positive outcome to the church because if someone comes into the office or calls the office, someone is always there to greet them or take their call. Some information can be forwarded to voicemail, etc. but sometimes people call or come in that need immediate help.

Some of the key qualifications for this position include being able to answer the phone, take a message, and transfer calls. They should be able to do basic office tasks, such as filing, making copies, and shredding documents as needed. Background that would be helpful for this position include being comfortable talking to new people,  being discreet, feeling comfortable using a computer to send occasional emails and to update profiles in our database.  

Some benefits to the volunteer in this position include building relationships with staff and other members of the church that come in or call the office.

We are looking for a one year commitment.  This position is typically a 3-hour shift once a week (mornings from 9:00am-12:00pm; afternoons from 1:00-4:00pm)
Current morning shifts available are: Mondays (during tax season)
Current afternoon shifts available are: Tuesday (winter) Thursday and Friday

Most of the training for this position takes place during a typical shift so the volunteer can be hands-on with the equipment.