Care Minister

A Care Minister is a compassionate person that provides confidential support and encouragement to people during difficult times in their lives (relational, financial, emotional, spiritual, grief, hospitalization, long term care, terminal illness, death). A Care Minister is Christ’s ambassador extending His love to meet each person at their individual point of need.


  • Have a love for Christ and His Kingdom

  • A mature faith

  • Desires to encourage others to experience the love and healing of Jesus for their lives.

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality

  • Passionate about the life transformation offered in Christ.

Opportunity to be in awe of God and how He works in people's lives. 


  • Willingness to attend monthly training and supervision meetings

  • Scheduled meeting times with your care receiver that is convenient for both of you.

  • Daily resting, remaining and abiding in Christ according to John 15:5

  • Worship regularly

Monthly training will include:

  • Covenant and Kingdom discipleship principles

  • Confidentiality

  • Active listening

  • Establishing appropriate boundaries

  • How to pray with your receiver

  • Available mental health resources in the community

  • Understanding grief